Do you always say there isn’t enough time to take care of yourself? You’ll do it tomorrow? And then tomorrow you are just as busy with no time for yourself?

Well, I’m here to help you with that! I was the person above, I never had time for myself, I was stressed and tired all the time and out of sorts with myself. And then I started to think that there had to be a better way to live.  And to not just live, but to LIVE fully!

That idea is what inspired Aroma to Zen. So, let me introduce myself to you.

Who I am

I’d like to say I’m Loren. But there is so much more than just a name isn’t there? I’m an intuitive, holistic, nature lover that enjoys learning and sharing.  I am from Florida, but I now live in the Pacific NW, and adapting to a completely different environment.  I love to read, all things tea, and photography.

I started my journey into the holistic lifestyle over 15 years ago, and let me tell you truthfully – I was a bit overwhelmed!  Everyone had an idea that was the way to do things and none of them agreed on anything it seemed.  It was enough to make one want to run back screaming to the old way of doing things.

And that right there is what gave me my inspiration.  The old ways of doing things, the Olde Way.  It resonated with me to take my health, diet, care, emotions, mind, body, and spirit down the same path that the Olde Ways did.  Keeping the modern twist on it of course!

I wanted to take myself back to taking care of all of me. That meant taking time for just me, even when every fiber in my body screamed that there were other people and other things to take care of.  I decided to take a small step. Then another. Then I was taking large strides into my holistic life that I envisioned.

"You can't take care of anyone or anything else, until you take care of Yourself."
~ Loren

Me 1

Aroma to Zen & Me

I soon found that my steps down this path lead me to realize that I could simplify self-care and the holistic lifestyle for myself rather than being overwhelmed.  The key is to take little steps and then make those steps into habits, and before you know it – you are walking down your own path.

I created Aroma to Zen to share with you the steps that I have taken, but to also save you many of those steps by providing you the items that you need to make your life easier!

I cover a lot of things here in Aroma to Zen – from A to Z – if you’ll excuse my play on this saying!  From Self-Care Kits to Self-Care how to, from Essential Oils to Skin Care, from Recipes to Stories – I’m sharing everything with you!

The greatest thing is that I am sharing with you my love and passion and I am sure that you will love this journey as much as I have.

My Life at Home

I’d like to also introduce you to the three rulers in my life.  Yes, that’s right, I am not the main decision maker I think I am!

The three Feline Overlords in my life are truly the rulers here, and if you live with any pet(s) then you know exactly what I am talking about here.  I get a lot of inspiration and joy from these fur-faces.  All of them have been rescues and enrich my life so very much.

atticus 1




henna 1


My life is filled with work, reading, photography, tea, and friends.  I love finding new recipes by playing with ingredients to make teas and essential oil blends, so I am in the kitchen quite a bit.

When I am outside you will find me with a camera in my hand, looking for new things to share.  My photos find their way into cards, candle holders, and photo albums to share with my family back home.

I also spend time working on yoga and Reiki to incorporate them into my holistic life. Crystals and essential oils play a big part of this as well.  I find that taking time each week to practice each of these helps to keep me balanced.

Now that you have more insight into me, let’s get to work on getting to know you and putting self-care and holistic living into your life!

me 2 different