Causes close to my heart

As much as I am passionate about Self-Care, I am just the same with things that touch my heart.  I have always been a Nature and Animal lover, every since my first encounter with a cat at just a couple of days old.  So it is no wonder that treating the Earth and her children lovingly is important to me.

I am also a very big believer that by helping others we help ourselves. This is major part of Self-Care – lifting others up and helping them find their own light to share with others.

Here I will be introducing you to the main Causes that I donate to.  A portion from all sales here at Aroma to Zen, as well as the books that I have written, are transferred as donations to each of these.  I invite you to visit each and see if they speak to you as well.


Justin, Fire Survivor

Justin is an amazing cat.  Just weeks old he was set on fire, left on the streets to die as people walked past him.  A kind soul stopped and became Justin’s savior with rushing him to the Vet.  Justin’s amazing life was saved and he set about making a big story of his beginnings.

Justin and his family are the founders of the Kitty Krusaders.  Together they have come to the rescue of numerous kitties and lent a hand in getting them safe and the help they need.  Justin and his family have made such an impact on shining the light on animal cruelty and helping people come together to put an end to it.

You are invited to visit Justin, Fire Survivor’s Facebook page and become acquainted with this amazing and lovably brave cat.  PAW POWER!


doTerra Healing Hands Foundation

As a doTerra Wellness Advocate I am able to contribute to this wonderful cause every time I place an order in addition to making donations from sales by Aroma to Zen.  The Healing Hands Foundation is doTerra’s cause to help communities and people with the resources they have.

This Foundation is world wide, helping where they are needed and assisting people and their communities to become self-sufficient. I invite you to learn more about them on the Healing Hands Foundation Facebook page.