I have a love for all things natural and holistic!  As a born nurturer and spiritual teacher, I love showing others the value of living a simplistic, healthy life.  I believe in healing the entire mind, body, and spirit – not just putting a band-aid on the issue.

I created Aroma to Zen in order to bring us together to simplify your self-care and connect in a holistic life. The Aroma to Zen Kits, which will be arriving soon, are designed to make your life better by making self-care easy for you!

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Life is about having fun, making this world the best that we can for ourselves and others. Making connections and building our Tribe. That place that we belong and are at home.

I’m here to help you find this all, to simplify things and discuss ideas and plans with you to help you live the best holistic life you can.

From Aroma to Zen, and all in between we will find a way together to build a Tribe and help you put yourself first with self-care.


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